where we are at in the story, don’t be, let me explain, and get you out of the trip. We are at the beginning of the story, remember, when Shannon and Poggi were looking inside the window of the foundry. With all the busy people running to and fro; and now, being at this juncture, we see Maribel is unsure of her womanhood to keep her husband happy; she’s a little fearful she might lose the old goat to Annabelle, and Shannon is on guard as to protect Rata, incase Annabelle tries to kidnap him, or her. To be frank, if not down right honest, I’m not sure how she can really keep him, she is like his shadow, and most folks don’t like looking at their shadows, but we shall see, as they say: reader beware. On the other hand, we want the reader to like Poggi, and Shannon, that is why they made up, and we do not want to have women hating Shannon because he is paying a little more interest into the life of a young Annabelle, and so forth and so on. So we will try to make everything come out smooth, to the best of my ability anyhow. Would it be any relief to the reader, to inform him or her, I get a number of these anecdotes from a number of my experiences mixed up into one, I do not think that is a violation of the story, we also owe much to the imagination. In any case, we will now go and see what is happening with the characters I’ve just mentioned. As the story opens, he never did go into that founder that day, he went to the diner. woking taxi service

Be assured, it is not easy to write backwards, and front wards, and somehow end up in the proper middle, while at the end of the story, or close to it. If you have criticism or advice, send it to me we can talk it over. Now if you, my dear readers are ready, and can give an understanding ear, or eye in this case, we are at the diner, and Old Josh has just checked things out, what will take place now, I really don’t know, if indeed the reader was here s/he could help me, and my wife is at the doctors, so I got to put it together by my lonesome.)